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Month: September 2016


Sometimes the path of recovery can feel like a never-ending challenge. We live in a society that wants quick fixes and frankly, most of us are like that too. We don’t want to be uncomfortable.

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Empower U “Just Say No!” …It’s not that easy.

I was recently the keynote speaker for the HERO Coalition out of Waconia, MN speaking to parents and youth about addiction prevention. It’s not as easy as “Just Say No” but youth and parents were ready to face whatever is necessary to stay away from the dark path of addiction.

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I Can’t Stands No More

Popeye was my favorite cartoon growing up. I will never forget the internal strength I would feel when he would exclaim, “I’ve had all I can stands. I can’t stands no more” and with that he would pop open a can of spinach and by gulping it down he gained an enormous amount of supernatural energy. I wanted to be like Popeye. I wanted supernatural strength.

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